Monalisa Touch

Over time, menopause in women up to affect the structural changes, which may possibly affect the intimacy.

The fall in the level of hormones lead to genital ulceration leading to vaginal atrophy, and which may cause dryness and burning and pain during practice intimacy, these symptoms affect the process of communication between the couple.
MONALISA touch is the most advanced treatment to counter the effects of a natural vaginal atrophy, and to re-structure and optimal shape after a natural birth and age. It designed and supported by Deka leader in medical laser field for more than 30 years.
Mona Lisa Touch is based on a sophisticated modern technology to completely cure the vagina. The gradual decline in estrogen levels, affects the vaginal mucosa to become thinner, more flexible and dry. Val co2 laser interacts accurately tissue to induce the production of collagen and improve the function of the treated area and restore the proper balance of the vaginal mucous membrane. Today, many women are trying to develop performance.

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